First blog post

Hey everyone!

This is my very first blog post and I am really excited to start off with it. I have pictured it so many times in my head but now when I am actually on it, it’s quite overwhelming.

Why I thought about starting it in the first place is because of my love for sharing. Yes, I love sharing my thoughts, my experiences, my stories, my knowledge, basically everything.

Whenever I am about to buy anything, go to any place new, try any new product, check how to’s or look for hacks, I turn to the virtual world for guidance. But no matter how hard I try I don’t really find everything I am looking for. So in order to fill in the gap and share my first hand experiences in life with you all, I start off with this blog.

And apart from that it makes me happy, so why not.

Ms Meehnia

PS: hoping for all the support and love from you guys ❤ ❤

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