The FABex- The food and booze exchange

With so much competition nowadays, no eating joint can survive if it is just another restaurant. Along with good food you need an easily accessible location and a different theme, with crowd appealing music for a great footfall.

FABex has this different stock exchange theme which is quite appealing, specially to the young crowd. The rate of liquor keeps changing everyday as shares do and yes, they are cheap too. A pint of Budweiser was like for just 80 bucks. They have this app for iOS and android that you need to download and order your drinks from. Your table number is the digit displayed on your table. But there is a glitch; you can only order 1 drink at a time. Yeah! you read it right. Just one at a time. That is, you need to confirm your order after adding one drink and then you can order more. For those who get a little tipsy and want more, it will be quite a task and an irritating one. But then again the staff is there to your rescue. With so much hassles, why keep it in the first place. They should either fix it or just scrap it. The rates are also displayed on a LED at the bar counter.  They also have a wide range of sheeshas/hookahs to select from.

FABex App

On the food front although presentation was good but the wow factor was missing. I ordered stuffed chicken breast with black pepper sauce and veg platter. The chicken should have been more tender. The crust was too hard instead of being just crispy and it was way too spicy, stomach inflammatory spicy! You know there are different kinds of spicy, one is red chilli spicy and the other one is due to spices. It was the latter one. Keeping in mind that it was from the European’s mains, it should have been on a neutral side(Yes, even with black pepper sauce which actually tasted more like barbeque sauce). It seemed as if vegetables were half heartedly sautéed. In the veg platter they served four things – paneer tikka, tandoori soya chap, haryali kebabs and veg seekh kebabs. Paneer tikka and tandoori soya chap I could actually savour, they were yummy but haryali kebabs and veg seekh kebabs I had to leave. And mind you, I hate leftovers. So they were that bad that I had to leave them.

Stuffed chicken breast with black pepper sauce
Veg platter


Ambience, music, staff, service were pretty good. I took a corner seat with two large couches and a centre table near the bar. At the corner of the table was the table number. Mine was #4, beside the bar. Watching the drink price scroll by and on LED was fun. They have these different set of walls and a lot of space, so there is enough room to get clicked 😁😆. Their service was genuinely quick with an ever so friendly and helping staff at your disposal. They serve you with happy faces, which make you feel so welcomed.


The location is quite apt too, an easy place to locate as it is on the main road, just near the red light. They have big FABex banners upfront so you won’t miss them. Their entry is via lift from left if you are facing the FABex banner.


To conclude, it is a pocket friendly place to chill out with your friends and have some cheap booze. Not knowing how cheap it is at present owing to the stock exchange theme :P. You can spend some chit-chat fun time trying out the sheeshas and clicking loads of pictures with their spacious arrangement. Have a good dine out experience and it won’t even burn a hole in your pocket. But if your priority is to savour your taste buds then you might as well want to think twice.

MM love – 3.5 ❤

Ms Meehnia


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