Westide Studiowest Lipstick Review – Spice 321

Hey my beauties!

I am back with yet another post and this time it is a lipstick review. It is from Westide Studiowest – Pure Passion Long Lasting Lipstick in the shade Spice (321).

This is not a shade that I would usually take but I wanted to try something in brown but not too strong. The SA suggested me this shade and with just a swatch on my arm I took it. Yes, I was in a hurry as always. I wasn’t really out for shopping and especially not cosmetics. So I had just 5 to 10 minutes to pick up whatever I could 😀 :D. It broke a little (*sob sob*) from the tip but the rest of it turned okay when I refrigerated it for a while.

How I apply – I first prep my lips. Apply the lipstick and bite onto a tissue paper. Then reapply the lipstick.

Color & pigmentation – It is a mauve-ish brown shade with sheen as per the swatch on my arm. However, it does look a little different on my lips. Just 1 swipe is enough for that opaque look. I have quite pigmented lips which mean I do need a full coverage lipstick. I also prepped my lips before application.

Arm Swatch


Stay – It stays for 4-5 hours with careful snacking and drinking. It is pretty shimmery when you apply but within an hour the sheen decreases and later it just fades out (unevenly – fades first from inner lips) to a semi matte brown.

Texture – It is quite creamy but it leaves the lips a little dry as it fades out. So don’t forget to prep them prior to application else you may end up with chapped lips. It does not feather.

Fragrance – It has a very mild scent which quickly goes away and does not bother me either.

Transfer – It is not transfer proof. Hence, you lose a lot of product when you drink from a cup or eat from a spoon. 😦 😦

(L)- Tissue bite while applying (R) – Transfer while drinking

You can see in the above picture, although the shade looks mauve-ish brown in the swatch but it is actually brown.

Packaging & Quantity – It comes in a sturdy black-box like packaging with pointy corners. Travel friendly. You get 3.5g of product.

Pure Passion Long Lasting – Spice (321)


Price – 450 INR

To conclude, the product has an average stay, creamy texture, does not feather and is full coverage. It is not too expensive either. However I do not like products that transfer too much. I would not rebuy this shade but I might try another shade from this range. Honestly, I don’t think it is a must-have product.


Lip Swatch

MM love – 3.5 

Ms Meehnia


23 thoughts on “Westide Studiowest Lipstick Review – Spice 321

  1. Studiowest has good products with decent price. I’ve not tried their lipsticks yet. Will look forward to buy the next time I visit Westside.


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