Teddy Boy Review

Hey my beautiful friends!

It had been a long time since I went anywhere and I also wanted to meet my girlfriend. It’s been a while since I went out and enjoyed. So we decided to meet at our adda(hangout place) a.k.a CP – Connaught Place. We use to go there a lot but it has recently decreased, which I don’t like at all. Had I been writing blogs from last year they would be full of restaurant reviews *khi khi, just a thought. Anyway, I had very limited time so we had to head straight towards Teddy Boy(Yes, I’d been wanting to go there), eat, drink, GOSSIP and get going. But since we were two girls with hawkers all around us and it was CP so we did some meaningless, mindless shopping and then moved on to The Teddy Boy.

Although Zomato displays the address as outer circle but actually it is sandwiched between Dunkin Donuts and Dominos. The entry is quite small compared to the two but the board is bright enough to get noticed. So, don’t keep running around the outer circle as it just at the corner.

Teddy Boy is another one of Priyank Sukhija’s creations. Talk about entrepreneurship! The cuisine include North Indian, Continental, Finger Food. You can also find the regular items of his menu like burgers, pizzas here but they are oh ever so yummy that I don’t mind this commonality in his ventures.

They have three different menus – Drinks, Food, Sheeshas. And their menu presentation goes very well along their theme. Take a while to read it. They have explained about their theme in there.


The place is pretty spacious with quite a lot of seating. However, I personally do not like elevated chairs, where my feet cannot touch the ground. It makes me feel dizzy without any drink. So we shifted to a more grounded one which was just in front of the big screen. I love big screens. Even if I am not watching, just the view that I get at the corner of my eye is exciting. The whole ambience is quite British, after all its the 50’s ambience they are trying to achieve. It’s all brick with deer heads and posters painted on walls, adorned with large bottle caps and drums. They have a sequence of light bulbs decorating the wall which doesn’t sound all that good in head but when you actually see it, it’s not bad. They have a straight bar at the right side of the entry. And just along that the washrooms are located, tiny but clean.

Selection of music was also good. But that I think depends on personal taste. You might not like what I like and vice versa. Actually that goes with every other thing.

Also, one thing worth mentioning is the staff dress/costume. Nothing fancy but I loved the red color pants with suspenders and the blue shirt. It gave a very teddy boyish look indeed. Full on, 1 star for that. I actually Loved it! Might as well take a picture with them next time. Yeah! There is a next time.

The service was pretty quick and the staff was super generous. From the moment they welcome you in till the time they bid you goodbye. And another 1 star for you guys *puchiii. Who wants to see frowned faces (Yes! I have seen people serving like they have been beaten to do it)?

They have some really nice and different drinks with them. The cocktails are actually strong. We took Collision Martini (Vodka, Blueberry and cucumber) and Sunset (Vodka, chocolate, orange and vanilla). Sunset looked like a luring option but we ended up leaving it in the glass *punch me in the stomach. It was way too strong but yes you just might like it. It’s not ketchup but IT’S DIFFERENT! *poor joke 😦 another punch in the face. The one I really enjoyed is their Banta bottles :-* . They are so cute and reminded me of my childhood. Just that the cost was a lot higher. I either ordered Strawberry Chat or Tom and Cherry. Sorry I forgot 😦 . But it was really tangy and masaledar 😛 (spicy). Liked it!

Coming to the food, we ordered –

Chicken Mini Samosa – 6 samosas with chicken wrapped inside it and a dip. It was nothing out of the world but I loved the presentation. I love samosas and so I had to had to order this.

Teddy Boys Spicy cheesy grilled chicken breast (with mashed potatoes and vegetables) – By now you must have guessed, this is one thing that I always order. LOVED the mashed potatoes. There were actually 2 regular pieces of chicken breast nicely grilled. Quite fulfilling. Vegetables could have been more *greedy me 😛 . I am drooling while drafting this post. Oh God!

We also ordered a chicken burger which came with fries. Sorry I don’t remember the name again. The burger was a regular one. Nothing too special to mention about it. But its a good thing. I have had bad burgers from quite a few other places and they made me so so sad 😦 which is why I will never go to Burger King. The fries were crunchy and are my weakness, yet I had to share them arghhh. Don’t beat me up Vineeta :-* .

Chicken Mini Samosa
Chicken Burger with fries

If you are wondering “why 2 tomatoes and olives?”, then we asked to divide the burger into two and they were generous enough to decorate both the halves (BTW, I ended up eating the whole thing 😦 😦 . Damn you! Vineeta.)

So, that was a day well spent. I loved everything about Teddy Boy. Will definitely revisit and try other things as well.

Ms Meehnia
Ms Meehnia with boo Vineeta

Its all about the FEEL in the end. Everything might be just A1 but if it doesn’t click then it doesn’t click. And Prikank Sukhija sure does know how to make it CLICK!

MM love – 4

Ms Meehnia

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28 thoughts on “Teddy Boy Review

  1. Eeehhh, Saw the reviews just now. Well I must say very nicely summed up. You don’t have to explicitly mention my french fries love publicly …
    We are going there again to try out more as this place is pocket friendly and cocktail unfriendly but beer lovingly (Idk does this line make any sense but still it came to mind and so it has been written). LOL 😉


  2. You know Anumeha I am a regular reader of food and eating place reviews in TOI and local newspapers. After reading yours I genuinely felt that you should give a try..If I were the judge I would rate you 10/10 👭❤

    Liked by 1 person

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