The Junkyard cafe, CP Review

Hello my fellow foodies!

So this is another one of my dine out experiences. And I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did. The Junkyard cafe is at the 2nd floor, N block outer circle, CP (connaught place), Delhi near BBQ. The whole building has a lot of restaurants. FLYP@MTV, BBQ, Pebble street, Townhouse cafe etc. So in short you have a lot of options to choose from. I basically checked the Zomato ratings and went for The Junkyard cafe.

Junkyard cafe is known for North Indian, Mediterranean, Asian cuisine. They also have roof top sitting but it was drizzling so we preferred to sit inside.

As soon as you walk inside you will be bombarded with a variety of colors. Yes! It is that colorful and I loved it. They have tried to set up a place which looks like a colorful junkyard. They have sofas that read Telephone booth, they have a plane tied up at the roof and many such things. The Junkyard cafe team sure has applied some brains to give the feel of an actual but luxurious junkyard and they have excelled in it. It is dim lit at places and quite well lit at others owing to the large windows. So whenever you visit them, just don’t go and sit, take a round to admire the place.

Since my bae had a minor medical condition we were looking for a comfortable couch where she could also rest her foot. Most of them were occupied and even the staff wasn’t keen enough to give it as we were just 2 and the sofa seats were to handle a group of people. Anyway, I won’t be judging them on it as it’s logical and I completely understand.

So we finally got a sofa place for 2. We wanted to have something really spicy in vegetarian but not fresh cheese (paneer) or mushroom, so we asked the staff to suggest such an appetiser. He sure ordered a spicy one but that wasn’t a starter and it was really inconvenient with the drinks(Stir fry vegetable with mountain chilli sauce). You always want something to munch and not put in effort to eat while drinking.

For the health conscious people you have great options in drinks. Sorry, I am not one currently 😛 😛 so did not order any of it and hence cannot review.

Coming to the food we ordered – Stir fry vegetable with mountain chilli sauce, Spicy Onion Rings, Piallard of chicken with lemon & herbs.

Stir fry vegetable with mountain chilli sauce – Assorted vegetables in a spicy red sauce. Okay, yes the sauce was spicy but medium for me. They were flat noodles, pretty bland but that’s expected. I liked it but I won’t order it again. It wasn’t wow.

IMG-20160718-WA0008 (2)
Stir fry vegetable with mountain chilli sauce

Spicy Onion Rings – What they wanted to deliver was large onion rings in a special spicy crumb. The crumb seemed more like aaloo bhujia. Onion rings were sort of over fried and I seriously did not like the dips they provided with it. So this dish was NAY for me.

Spicy Onion Rings

Piallard of chicken with lemon & herbs – This is basically butterfied chicken breast with lemon & herb sauce was superb, I just loved it. Chicken was so tender and properly cooked. Ordered it from the health freak section (I wonder what was butter doing in the health section, *oink). They have the calories mentioned underneath. Loved their mashed potato. There was a vertical layer of cabbage which I personally did not like and even the dip, it was too sour.

Piallard of chicken with lemon & herbs
IMG-20160719-WA0043 (2)
Ms Meehnia with bestie Surbhi ❤

So, although I  did love The Junkyard cafe’s ambience, music and service but the food did not please my palate that much since dishes wise it was 2 Nay and 1 Yay. However, I would like to go there again and try something different on my own. The staff suggestion didn’t really go down well with me.

MM Love3.75

Ms Meehnia

Have you ever been to The Junkyard cafe? What was it like?

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