Chambor extreme matte Long Wear Lipcolour Review – Fiery Red (03)

Hey my beauties!

How you all doing? The weather has again changed to being hot in Delhi, India. And I am really not digging it at all. I have to be more cautious about my makeup. Everything seems to be just sliding away 😥 😥  Me not likey 😐 😐

So moving on, I have this amazing product to review today. The Chambor extreme matte Long Wear Lipcolour. Oops! 😳 😳 Did I just tell you this is an amazing product? I am such a big mouth! 😈 😈

How I apply – I first prep my lips. Draw my outer lips with it and then fill them in.

Shade – Chambor extreme matte Long Wear Lipcolour – Fiery Red (03)

Color & pigmentationIt is a beautiful red color.Just one coat of Chambor extreme matte Long Wear Lipcolour is enough. It is super pigmented and gives full coverage.

WP_20160804_027 (2)

StayIt stayed glued to my lips for good 9.5 hours that I could record. Post that I wiped it off. Very little of it came out from my inner lips during the day and if I kept my mouth shut (difficult but possible) then it won’t even be visible.

TextureChambor extreme matte Long Wear Lipcolour is super creamy but if you apply too many coats of it, then the product can build up and give an uneven finish. It does have a little shimmer to it but doesn’t look bad, at least not to me. It is matte so it goes without saying that you NEED to prep your lips before application.

FragranceNone as such.

TransferChambor extreme matte Long Wear Lipcolour does transfer yet stays put all day long.

Packaging & Quantity It is a chubby stick and has a translucent plastic cap. The bottom part is black and the rest of the body is of the lipstick color. you need to sharpen the stick. Yeah! No twist and turn 😦 😦 You get 2.8 gm of product.

PriceIt’s a gift so I don’t really know but Amazon and Flipkart says Rs.845


WP_20160803_015 (3)

I pretty much love Chambor extreme matte Long Wear Lipcolour. Fiery Red is a beautiful red color, gives a matte finish with a hint of shimmer and it stays put all day long with just a little fading from the inner lips. It does tend to dry lips out so make sure to moisturise them. The only issue with it is that it needs to be sharpened which wastes the product and if you layer up too much then it would give an uneven finish (It is quite pigmented so you actually don’t need to apply too many layers -Avoid it). Overall I’m loving this product and would definitely recommend buying it.

MM love – 4.5 ❤

Ms Meehnia

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49 thoughts on “Chambor extreme matte Long Wear Lipcolour Review – Fiery Red (03)

  1. Good afternoon Anumeha …I would like to see some more blogs like this from you.

    Bieng a college student I occasionally use lipstick. For using it on daily basis it yet a long time to go for me ☺ but however I use Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick pink bureau on festive occasions and functions.

    A very superb review of the product done by you Anumeha.
    Does it contain any oils and vitamins as moisturizing agents?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Good Afternoon Kiran. Tysm :). Will try to get some options for college students. Great choice with the lip shade though.
      I am afraid there is nothing written as such. So I do go heavy with the lip balm prior to applying this.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’d buy it for the staying power!!! I badly needed a long wear lippie to combat my 10hr office time. Thanks for sharing the review..
    Plus, followed you on instagram.. ✌🏻️✌🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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