Revlon Summer Matteness Nail Enamel Review – Marine Matte (526)

Hey my loves!

Although a vacation but a hectic one it was – my last weekend. I do not like the noodle like roads of the hilly area but everyone wanted to go there so I caved in. Moving on, I do want to share this matte nail paint experience that I stumbled upon and this is my first one. I did not check all the shades which is terrible but I was getting super late. I just picked the one bottle that I could see from the other side.


How I apply – Shake the bottle well and then open. Take the brush and gently remove all the nail color from one side by sliding on the bottle neck, then remove the excess. Take the brush with the side which has nail color and then swipe neatly all over the nail.

Color & pigmentationThe one I have is a pretty bright aqua blue color. One coat emphasises a lot of streaks so I applied 2.

Shade – Marine Matte – 526


StayRevlon Matte Nail Enamel stays 3 to 4 days. Mine started chipping from the tip on 3rd day 😐

TextureSemi liquid and runny. Dries instantly to give a matte finish. However, this goes away in roughly 2 days and you are back to regular texture 😐 😐 Revlon Matte Nail Enamel can get quite streaky so you need to be extra cautious when applying.

Packaging & QuantityRevlon Matte Nail Enamel comes in a translucent frosted glass bottle with black cap. Its cap has a golden belt at bottom, written Revlon on it and a red belt at top, written matte on it. Also, there is a cute little heart in the middle in red with white outline and New written on it. The color peeps from within. It has a regular applicator, I wish it was a wide one. It is so much easier to apply with a wide applicator.

Price – Rs. 190


I do like the look of Revlon Matte Nail Enamel when freshly applied. You get instantly beautiful matte nails which are apt for any occasion. It dries off pretty fast, so that’s a plus when you are in a hurry. They have some pretty shades in this range (I checked online). Although the application is quite tricky as it tends to get quite streaky. However, applying 2 coats may help. Also, the matte finish goes away in 2 days 😦 which is pretty sad.

I would like to try a matte top coat next.

MM love – 3 

Ms Meehnia

Have you tried this yet? Which color did you get? Any other suggestions? 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Revlon Summer Matteness Nail Enamel Review – Marine Matte (526)

  1. Color looks beautiful.But multiple coats only helps you to get a finished look.
    Not only the matte look bt for me even nail paint got ripped in like 3 days.
    I have tried Matte nail paint range from nykaa and its actually very nice as compared to revlon.Do try it.

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