My first Vlog | Goa Vlog | Ms Meehnia

Hey loves!

I went to Goa in the initial days of December 2017 with my husband, my baby and my 2 best friends. It was different for me in many ways.
One – We were going with our kid alone for the first time (without our parents, when they are with us we don’t really have to bother much for the kid 😛 ) and
Two – We were going to Goa after almost 3 years. I literally love Goa!! You ask me where I want to go for a vacation and my answer will be GOA. No I don’t get fed of it (not yet) and I don’t know why 😐 and I hope it remains the same 😀 😀

So do check the vlog on my Youtube channel and leave your beautiful comments ❤ ❤

Please click here to check out the video.

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Goa Vlog | Ms Meehnia

10 thoughts on “My first Vlog | Goa Vlog | Ms Meehnia

  1. Great to know you visited Goa during the vacations. I have been there a few times and love it. I was also on vacation and now I am catching up on everything I missed. 🙂 I will sure check your vlog asap. 🙂


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