Story of a paratha

Hey my beautiful people!

So this post is a regular or say an irregular event from my life. And I would really appreciate your help with this one. Nothing too big but it does make me feel uncomfortable now and sort of guilty 😐 :-|. Although my friends told me there is nothing to feel guilty about.

So the event – here it goes. It was just a regular day at office, however my friend didn’t show up. So I decided to grab some breakfast at my seat itself. And that some breakfast was 2 dal parathe (flatbread) made in ghee (clarified butter). Not many people sit beside me, it is more of an empty bay. So I just started relishing my dal paratha made in GHEE – sounds unhealthy but it was oh so soft and yum *slurp. And I was eating them after months. So yes, I deserved every single bite of it.

There is this guy, let’s call him Mr X who sits beside me. Well technically there is a glass separation between us, so not actually beside me. Apart from good morning and an occasional how are you?, we don’t share anything. And anything actually means nothing at all – no snack, no drink and no talks. So I was just feeling generous this time and offered him some. Mr X being a gentleman, politely refused. But I insisted and he said “okay, please first let me wash my hands” (I did call him a gentleman, didn’t I?). So anyway, he washed his hands, came back and took just one bite (with his hand of course) just to get over with it *I think. But I did feel that he wanted more of it. I know he stays away from home and I know how it feels like to have homemade food when you don’t have access to it daily. I used to stay in a hostel myself, during my school days. And whenever a student’s parents came, we had just one request – to get HOMEMADE FOOD. So yeah, let’s get back to the incident.

By then I had had just half of it, yet I still offered him some from my one and a half paratha and he was like – “What!!! all of it?”. I literally went in shock, was speechless and could just give a weird smile. I didn’t know what to say. Dude! That’s my breakfast you are talking about. My. Ghee. Parathas. which I have not had in months. How can you even think that someone will offer you his/her complete breakfast? And that too when nothing is available nearby. By the time I was arguing in my head and cursing myself of being overly generous, he already took ALL of it from my hand (not a gentleman anymore, or is he?). I was left sitting at my seat vexed, starving and paratha-less 😡 :-x.

I started exploring my options to get it back. YES! I did not leave it there. I had to get at least some of it back. I couldn’t stay hungry till lunch. I could have bought something but the canteen was no more open, so that option clearly went out of the window. I stopped pondering over it, got up from my seat and went to his, picked up the bigger piece (ahhh..Cheapness I tell you) and said – “Well I am taking this one”. Smiled *weirdly and marched off.

As I walked away, my inner voice was shouting “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! You did not just do that?” And as embarrassed as I was, I replied – “Yes, I just did it” *rolling eyes, ^chor face, gulping away my bigger piece. I sat at some other place, ate all of what was left. And now was the time to go back! back! back!

I would have just let it go had the canteen been open. Yes, honestly! I would have. I am so ashamed and I feel so guilty of taking it back. But that was my breakfast and didn’t ate anything since morning *sob sob. I don’t know how to go back, how to look him in the eye. I am just so embarrassed.

So please tell me what to say. Or do I even need to say anything. Should I just not look at him and get busy with my work? Because anyway we don’t talk, right? Should I ever offer him anything again? Will he take it or just mock me?



^ chor face – expression you give when you know you did something stupidly wrong and don’t want to admit it.


Hello my lovelies!

Quick update. I again got parathas(2) today and I asked him to have some (please don’t yell at me 😦 😦 ). I wanted closure, if you know what I mean.

He smiled jokingly and said “Aap kha lo, kum pad jaenge” (You eat or else you might fall short of them.)

I gave him “Dude! Seriously!” look, smiled and then gave him half paratha ON MY OWN (because this time I wasn’t going to leave any room for confusion). He ate, I ate.

And there goes my happily ever after closure incident.

Ms Meehnia


49 thoughts on “Story of a paratha

  1. You know what, this is soo cute, your love for those PARATHAs is so real. Chill, you were hungry and you ate it, its not a crime; But if you feel guilty next time get an extra paratha for him and offer him, that’s it! You don’t even need to apologize, food will do it for you.

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    1. Yeah!! I was hungry and so I took it back. Damn my conscience! doesn’t let me say that I ate it, instead forces me to say “I took it back”. But thanks hon! That’s really sweet of you to think so. And it does make me feel a little better 😀 and less guilty.

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  2. If you offer him again, he may feel reluctant..I am sure he must be very hungry to take your entire stash..Instead, make some extra parathas and pack separately for him. If he resists, then do make up a reason about your previous incident, so he feels better and you do not have to feel guilty at the slightest.


  3. HAHAHAHA, honestly I can’t stop laughing. This is something I am so capable of doing myself, so I know exactly how you feel. Having said that, I think the best thing you can do now is be normal. Continue with the usual hello and hi, which was the routine pre-paratha incident. Share with your best friends and I am sure this story will make a good laugh for many years to come!


    1. Hehe..I think so too..And today I did try to be normal with the same old hello hi. And he asked, ma’am aaj parathe nai laye (you didn’t get parathas today) 😐 😐
      which was followed by my head-shake(signalling no) and weird smile.

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  4. hahahha..I can so relate to this..Well I have taken back or refused to offer things that I love to I find it completely okay ..or may be because i am just used to being that way with people.. You can offer him next time and I am sure he will not mind 🙂

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  5. Babe seems like your love for parantha is beyond words and as a matter of fact even if you are going to bring one more parantha, you will crave for that too ;-). Let Mr.X “suffer” for some days till he realises he did a “blunder” (Mind the word). He must have observed you munching something or the other from a long but still couldn’t figure out your love for food.

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      1. Oh.. But he didn’t think twice b4 taking your entire breakfast!! You don’t have to be embarrassed about what you did. Hope things are fine between you two now 🙂


  6. Oh i know how you would be feeling, did such thing back in uni but i would say behave normal and be confident like you did nothing wrong (and off course you didn’t) or the people will sense your fear and will tease you 😀


  7. It was basically your parantha. May be he might have felt bad as well for taking your generosity a little far. So, you don’t have to feel bad. I believe it would be allright.


  8. Thank God !!! ☺I am not in hostel. But my hostelfriends get crazy when they see my tiffin. I always pack a bit extra for them. My tiffin is always attacked. Just a few days before my friend had come to my house
    She liked groundnut chutney so much that she took our home jar along with her . My mom simply couldnt refuse it.

    You are an excellent writer it was so easy to picture and understand what you had written …your writing reflects your personality too which is also generous and helping.

    Have a nice day.

    Couldnt stop myself following you after reading this and your blog too.

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    1. That is so very sweet of you Kiran. Tysm for the appreciation and the follow. The support you show means a lot. ❤ ❤
      BTW, hostel children LOVE homemade food. We can literally snatch the lunch 😛 😀 (at least I would, *chor face)
      I can picture the attack on your lunch box 😀

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  9. Wow you kept me engrossed. You are a good story teller.
    It happened with me too. I offered my friend some rice when I was half way through.
    But then I was shocked, she ate it all. I was jaw dropped, but she was my good friend I couldn’t be mean and ask it back and only gazed at her. starving.
    Same hostel background girl.
    Haha. This story reminded me of this.

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    1. hehe..I know the feeling. With a friend you can always share and the fact is that with a friend you can always ask it back, fight over it and have fun. But with a stranger there is just no straight way out 😐
      Glad you liked it 😀


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