Clean & Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash Review

Hey my fellas,

So the other day I had yet another zit and I was just giving my cleansing routine a thought. It is so so important to cleanse your skin thoroughly. And you should definitely do it twice a day for sure. I am guilty of being a little lazy in washing my face post office. I definitely wash my face before sleeping but then the thing is that I laze around doing other stuff when I reach home and leave the cleansing for last. Yet, I have been diligently following the CTM routine. And hence, I Do. Not. deserve that zit at all *sob sob.

So today I am going to review Clean & Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash which is although commonly available but new in my collection.


What they claimOil-Free, Won’t clog pores. Controls oil for up to 8 hours.
Specially designed to clean deep down to pores to help control oil. The unique formula is proven to clean deep down into pores, thoroughly dissolving dirt, oil and make up to keep skin oil-free for upto 8 hours. Also contains Triclosan to help prevent blemishes. Its gentle, clean-rinsing formula is non-drying to skin. Leaves your skin feeling cleaning & fresh.


How I applyI dampen my face with water, take little bit of Clean & Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash on my fingers and rub them together. Apply it on my face and gently move my fingers in circular motion. Wash away the lather with water.

Color & pigmentation – White in color and no pigmentation. Does not leave any residue on face.

TextureClean & Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash is quite creamy and lathers up pretty well.

WP_20160709_005 (2)

WP_20160709_006 (2)

FragranceVery mild fruity.

Packaging & QuantityIt comes in a blue and white tube,so is quite hygienic and travel friendly. You can just squeeze out the desired amount of product for use. You get 40 ml of product.

Price Rs. 50

Clean & Clear Deep Action Oil Control Face Wash sure does remove all the dirt and gunk from your face. However the 8 hours oil-free claim is too good to be true. I did get 1 or 2 zits during the usage of this product. Also, it did not prevent any blemishes as it claims.

MM love – 3.5 ❤

Ms Meehnia

Let me know in the comments section below if you have already tried it. Which one is your current favourite?

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