Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil Review | Price | Swatch

With each phase of my life changed my priorities and my choices. One such choice was in the field of makeup. Honestly, I never used any makeup as a school child but it did always intrigue me πŸ˜€Β πŸ˜€ (no wonder I’m doing what I’m doing) I wasn’t allowed to apply makeup and so I used to put makeup on my doll. I remember coloring her lips dark green when I was a kid. Yes! It was a big deal then. Nobody even thought of any other colors than the regular ones back then. At least not around me. So can we just appreciate the creativity of my then little self πŸ˜› πŸ˜› Coloring the lips green πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ #FutureTrendAlert

Anywho, I was talking about my choices in makeup. So it all started from a lip balm then kajal and then lipstick. The current scenario is eyebrows πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Yes! Currently I love doing my eyebrows the most ❀ ❀ On a no makeup day, I’d just do my eyebrows and put on some lipstick. And I am good to go. I have been ditching kajal since a while now and I actually feel good without it.

From the pictures you will see how loved this product is. But I really wanted to review it before it finished πŸ˜› πŸ˜› Actually I want to review few more products before they finish, so I have literally stopped using them. I need pictures 😐 😐 , alright!!!

Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil
Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil
Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil
Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil
Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil
Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil
Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil
Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil
Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil
Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil

What they claim – Get those brows on fleek with the FACES Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil. This eyebrow pencil glides on smoothly, defining your eyebrows impeccably. The no-transfer and long-lasting formula ensures your eyebrows stay fabulous all day long.

  • No-transfer formula.
  • Long-lasting and easy to glide
  • Smudge-proof
  • Excellent colour pay-off

How I apply – Leaving the initial part of the brow, outline rest of the lower brow line as per the brow shape. Using the spoolie end of the pencil, brush down the hair and outline the upper brow line, again leaving the initial part. With the spoolie, brush hair in the natural direction of hair growth and fill any sparse areas in short strokes. Brush through to get an even finish or to remove any extra product. With a very light hand draw the initial part in upward direction. (I hope it helps, else please check my youtube for eyebrow tutorial πŸ˜› )

Color & pigmentation – The color pay-off of Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil is indeed excellent and highly pigmented. It comes in a dark brown shade which is apt for people like me with dark brown to black hair.

Shade – Brown

Stay – Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil does not smudge or transfer. Stays put throughout the day and so is definitely long lasting.

Texture – Creamy

Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil Swatch
Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil Swatch


Packaging & Quantity – Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil comes in a pencil form with one end as eyebrow pencil and the other end with attached spoolie brush. This comes in really handy as you don’t need to carry another brush with you. The body is brown in color as the product itself. You getΒ 1.2 g of product.

Price – Rs. 499

I am so very happy with Faces Ultime Pro Eyebrow Pencil. It is so blendable and easy to use. Even when I am running late it hardly takes me any time with this one. I love the creamy texture and the fact that there is an attached spoolie with it so that I don’t have to carry a separate one. It stays put throughout the day. Once set, it does not transfer or smudge just don’t rub too hard πŸ˜› Also, you can easily remove it even with a mild makeup remover. It did not cause me any hair breakage or discomfort. I love the color and pigmentation of it. The only sad thing is that you need to sharpen it and I am really bad with making pointy ends of a pencil 😐 😐 But still I would totally love buying it again πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

MM love – 4.5 ❀

Ms Meehnia

Next in line I have Nykaa’s brow chika wow eyebrow pencil. What are you beauties using at the moment? Please let me know in the comment section below. πŸ™‚

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  1. Haha.. your post made me feel nostalgic, I remember when I was a kid I took my aunty’s eyeshadow kit and put a green colored eye shadow on my lips. My aunty still makes fun of it. Now, after reading your post I am appreciating myself for the creative side of experimenting as a kid.

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